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Palo Santo Sticks

The benefits of using holy wood:

  • Removing negative energy and gaining positive.
  • It relieves nervous tension and helps control problems or illnesses caused by stress, while increasing harmony and well-being.
  • Its scent helps to deepen the spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation.
  • Shamans use them in their sessions to cleanse and purify the environment against evil spirits, bad vibrations and negative forces.
  • When you inhale its scent, it raises your mood and acts against asthma.
  • Its scent serves as a 100% natural mosquito repellent, ideal for children’s rooms.
  • It cleanses the environment and gives it a scent.
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All our Palo Santo wood it’s hand picked from fallen branches. No trees were harmed in this process. We help local communities in Ecuador and Peru.

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Hand picked Palo Santo

The therapeutic benefit of holy wood is considerable because it is highly healing. The only way to make full use of this tree is to allow it to die naturally and let it rest for four to ten years lying in the forest.

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Holy wood is used for a variety of purposes, from the use of its wood as incense, to the production of essential oil obtained from wood and its fruit.

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