How Palo Santo helps relieving stress and anxiety in dental services?

Why Aromatherapy Is Used In Dental Services

Do you feel fantastic whenever you enter your dentist’s office? It might be because your doctor is using the aroma of medicinal herbs, such as Palo Santo, that relieve stress and anxiety in the patients. Often even doctors feel pressurized as well before performing a dental procedure. And, a pleasant smell helps to calm the nerves down of both the patients as well as the doctor. Often you would notice the woodsy, lemony, or pine smell coming out of the diffuser with Palo Santo essential oil. Or you might even find a Palo Santo stick burning around. Let us know how it helps exactly in relieving the stress.

Why aromatherapy is used in dental services?

Why Aromatherapy Is Used In Dental Services
Why Aromatherapy Is Used In Dental Services?

Who else knows better than a doctor that patients feel stressed or anxious before their dental procedure? Predominantly, doctors advise several methods like aromatherapy, exercising, lifestyle changes, etc. to overcome stress and anxiety. But, dentists cannot offer these solutions as your stress and anxiety are going to be short-lived. All your stress and anxiety are going to disappear as promptly as the procedure ends. Nothing but, it is essential to preserve your calm during a dental procedure. So, dentists are left with an only and most effective option, aromatherapy, to keep you calm.

Palo Santo Aromatherapy Used In Dental Services
Palo Santo Aromatherapy Used In Dental Services ?

How does it work?

Aromatherapy of medicinal herbs is used for its therapeutic uses. The pleasant smell alters your brain waves so that you feel more relaxed and content. Its therapeutic effects also improve the mood of the dentist’s patient, and they feel more confident about the safety of the dental procedure.

Final words

The benefits of aromatherapy of medicinal herbs, like Palo Santo, are well-known amongst the general population. But, all the therapeutic effects are more known to doctors. They know about ongoing researches and their results. This knowledge assists doctors to efficiently implement the pleasant smell of herbs to calm their patients and, complete the procedure.

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