Using Palo Santo to Renovate Energies and Get Spiritual Harmony

Palo Santo Rudrashka

Palo Santo, or the Holly Tree, is a native to the coasts of South America. It is related to the frankincense and myrrh resin trees, and is part of the citrus family. When burned, Palo Santo gives off beautifully scented notes of pine, mint and lemon. 

The Palo Santo wood is highly praised by shamans and healers due to its calming and energy cleansing properties. This is why the natives of these lands have used Palo Santo to smudge bad energies and cleanse people’s auras.

How to Use Palo Santo to Renovate Energies

Palo Santo Smudge Salvia
Palo Santo Smudge Salvia

Today we can find Palo Santo wood in most esoteric and mystical shops and online. And more and more people have started to use Palo Santo to smudge bad energies and restore the spiritual harmony of their homes.

Palo Santo is fairly easy to use to renovate energies.

Light up the Palo Santo piece of wood using a candle, a match or a lighter. Allow the wood to burn with flame for 30-60 seconds, then blow out the flame. You will see the Palo Santo continue to fumigate, and now you’re ready for smudging.

Smudge the smoking wood in the room you want purified. When you’re finished smudging all the corners of the area and the center place the Palo Santo on a glass, metal or ceramic plate. Leave it there and the smoking will go out on its own. 

Always be careful and respectful when working with fire to renovate energies. This is a sacred ritual and you have to be fully invested in it. 

Health Benefits of Palo Santo

The bad vibes of the place we live in can, in time, create illness, unrest and stress. These symptoms are the result of the low vibrational energies that attack our subtle being.

When we smudge with Palo Santo we enjoy some amazing health benefits too.

The Palo Santo scent can relieve cold symptoms, headaches, anxiety, stress and asthma. Its calming effect helps people get into the meditative state more quickly. More so, the Palo Santo smoke is a natural insect repellent, making it an indispensable accessory for nature meditations in the summertime.

Palo Santo is not only amazing to renovating energies, but also bring back mental, emotional and spiritual harmony to the user. It is amazing how a small piece of Palo Santo can do for your home!

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