Why you should combine palo santo with your yoga practice?

Clearing Energy In Home Using Palo Santo Smudge Wood Healing

More and more people are starting to do their yoga practice in the comfort of their homes. There are many reasons for that, like for example, you can do yoga whenever you want to, you can make your schedule, you do not have to follow the pace of others. You can precisely dictate what to add to your practice, meaning that you can make it more diverse in the sense that you can always mix up the asanas and explore different styles of yoga.

Benefits of yoga with Palo Santo

The benefits of yoga and the benefits of Palo Santo are related, they both make us calm and grounded, so why not combine these two into one purifying practice?

Practicing yoga in the comfort of your own home can be an absolute pleasure, especially because you can allow yourself to prepare the space in the best possible way so you can get the most out of your practice.

If the energy of the home is disturbed, the family members are prone to all kinds of problems. For life to be successful, flowing, and full of abundance – it is extremely important that the space is harmonious. This can be easily achieved by burning Palo Santo wood. Everyone who stays in the room will be affected, because it fills the space with extremely positive energy and it helps in achieving peace and mental clarity.

How to get started

So, before starting with your practice, you should light up a piece of Palo Santo wood. This will help to prepare your energy and mind, and also allow you to better connect with your yoga practice. Letting the smoke spread through the room will increase the meditational benefits of your asanas. The sweet scents of a burning Palo Santo will give another dimension to the atmosphere during your practice.

Sage Palo Santo Wood Stones
Sage Palo Santo Wood Stones

It will raise your vibration and it will allow you to get a deeper connection with your inner self. During our yoga practice, this sacred wood scent encourages pleasant emotions such as peace, happiness, contentment, and brings emotional security.

Everyone who practices yoga knows how important is breathing during our practice. The smoke of burning this sacred wood releases negative ions and cleans and disinfects the air, leaving a soothing scent. Its powerful vibration helps to remove and resolve illusions, raises self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-control. Vibration is strong in opening the field of spiritual energies, healing negative beliefs, fear of the unknown, and fear of change.

Combined with the beneficial yoga poses, Palo Santo’s scent acts on the fourth energy center by helping to unite and radiate the energy of the ‘heart’, unconditionally receiving and giving the energy of universal love. It acts on the seventh energy center by helping to maintain and widen the spiritual channel.

The regular burning of Palo Santo during our yoga practice brings us spiritual purification, healing our body and soul.

Palo Santo, in their pure state, tends to be most powerful. The scent of this sacred tree is extremely soothing and emits very strong energy, especially increasing the spiritual peace and meditative state.

Raise your vibration with Palo Santo

Its scent raises your vibration preparing you for meditation. While meditating it brings us into a state of deep relaxation which allows us a deeper connection with the Universe.

If you want to get the maximum of your yoga practice at home, just try it. You will instantly feel your practice turning into a deeper and more fulfilling experience. After that, you will not be able to imagine practicing yoga without using Palo Santo and its amazing benefits.

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