Essential oils- What should you buy and why?

Essential oils- What should you buy and why?

Essential oils are extremely beneficial to the human body because of its natural content. They are also known as volatile oils and are widely used in aromatherapy.

This article here mentions a few of the most notable essential oils which are useful and completely safe. They work through the sense of smell and by skin absorption. 

1) Eucalyptus Essential oil therapy

Eucalyptus is very beneficial for the throat and is used to cure cough and throat infections. It also keeps mosquitoes and bed bugs away from your body. It controls the blood sugar level, disinfects wounds, and makes breathing easier. Eucalyptus oil not only cures cold and cough but also prevents the infection-causing bacteria from causing any harm. Moreover, it has no extreme side effects, meaning it doesn’t make you feel sleepy or drowsy.

2)  Lavender essential oil therapy

It cures anxiety and insomnia which is a sleep disorder. It can work as a substitute for sleeping pills and has no side effects and is completely natural. It works mainly towards keeping you calm and peaceful throughout the day by minimizing extreme feelings such as anger, sadness, depression.

Essential oils- What should you buy and why?
Essential oils- What should you buy and why?

 3)  Lemon essential oil therapy

Lemon oils can cure morning sickness, depression and even make your skin healthier. It also acts as a painkiller and helps to cure sore throat. It lightens the skin and also helps in the removal of tan. Hence it can be used as a substitute for sunscreen lotions which sometimes have a reverse effect on your skin.

 4) Orange essential oil therapy

It works as an acne killer making your skin look more attractive and keeps it glowing. It also reduces inflammation and cures stomach problems. It has an anticancer and antioxidant property as well which makes it good therapy for the patients undergoing chemotherapy. It facilitates weight loss and cuts down excessive fat.

5) Peppermint essential oil therapy

It helps in treating irregular bowel movements, common colds, headaches, relieves itching, and even lessens muscle pain. It is also an excellent product for the skin and hair and lessens split ends and other hair issues. It also cures nausea which usually happens after an operation. Additionally, it relieves the stomach pain caused after vomiting consistently.

  6) Rosemary essential oil therapy

This is a really beneficial oil as it improves your brain function and helps in increasing your concentration. It stimulates hair growth and even makes your hair stronger and presentable. It helps in relieving pain and repels certain bugs which may infest your garden. It releases stress and improves your blood circulation. It elevates your mood and hence keeps you stress-free.

Final Words

Natural essential oils therapy tends to be preferred over lots of other medication. It is widely known that aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment and promotes the health and total well-being of the human body. It is a combination of art and science and has been in force ages before the bath soap came in.

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