Why You Should Use a Luffa- Everything Explained

Why You Should Use a Luffa- Everything Explained

Loofahs, also known as a luffas, are bathing items and accessories that originate from a plant and are kin or a relative of the cucumber family. After drying the plant, they develop large gourds which become durable fibre networks. The luffa sponge has been formerly accustomed to as scrubbers and is known to clean as well as exfoliate the skin. They are naturally extracted and are chemical-free, this ensures that your skin is not irritated or inflamed. Read ahead to uncover everything you need to know about Luffas.

It is an Incredible Exfoliator

Did you know that the surface layer of your skin sheds dead skin regularly?

These shed cells are stubborn and remain in place with only a small amount that is removed by friction. While staying at the same spot, they dull your complexion as a whole or make your skin look sallow. Here’s where exfoliation helps! Gentle friction used by natural exfoliating loofah sponge ensures to improve the look of your skin while also sweeping away areas usually accumulated by bacteria.

Why You Should Use a Luffa- Everything Explained
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Stimulates and Improves Blood Circulation

An increase in localized blood flow is promoted by any kind of friction. The small blood vessels closest to your skin called capillaries, naturally enlarge when stimulated. You’ve experienced this before whenever you rub your palms to generate heat. An antibacterial luffa scrubber does something similar as well. When you use it to stimulate your skin, it increases circulation to the areas that you scrub. Contrary to stiff brushes, luffas are more tender on your body and do not cause scratches and other harsh body marks.

Misconceptions About Luffas

There are a few myths around what luffa does and how it works, usually, they are acclaimed to reduce cellulite which is not true.

The fat deposits that occur commonly on thighs and other areas called cellulite cannot be removed by scrubbing it. Moreover, they are just like fats in a layer that are present underneath the skin hence even when you scrub vigorously, you will notice no change.

Therefore, luffa’s or any other scrubs cannot treat this condition.  However, a luffa can certainly improve the upper layer of the skin present on top of the fat deposits. Therefore, a luffa is best for your uppermost skin layer and not the inner one. Another misconception about the luffa is that it is a sea creature while in fact it is derived from a luffa gourd, which is a vegetable.


Luffas offer great assistance to improve the skin. However, they are prone to harbour adverse and harmful bacteria that get settled inside the pores of the luffa. Also, since it’s a plant-sourced product, it will decompose after some time if it is kept wet. So, it’s vital to ensure its dried properly after usage.

To make sure it’s parched well, you may use a dilute bleach solution, or you can opt to change your luffas regularly. Another method to check if your luffa is fresh is by its scent. It should be light and not pungent, and if it’s the latter it must be replaced. Furthermore, it’s crucial yet  difficult to maintain your luffas free of any bacteria. But, to make it easy, you may choose antibacterial luffas that will suit you best.

Final Words

Overall, a luffa is extremely beneficial for your skin and encourages many important skincare factors such as better blood flow and exfoliation of the skin. But, if you want to utilize it, always ensure to keep in mind the precautions mentioned above. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a luffa and scrub away the excess oil, dirt, and pollutants off your skin!

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